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Kitesurfing courses opens up a new world of incredible travel destinations. Every kite trip is a unique experience with the perfect mix of accessible remoteness, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an expert.

Kitesurfing courses introduces you to an amazing community of interesting and fascinating individuals. This activity attracts an array of people from different career paths, cultures and backgrounds. The sport bonds you to people with whom you would never otherwise have a chance to connect.

Kite Spot

Located at the nice beach of the Black Sea, in Mamaia Nord.
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Kitesurfing is a sport with almost infinite appeal.


Your own IKO instructor brings a deep knowledge and experience.


The basic gear for kitesurfing is quite compact, durable and not too expensive.

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Addicted to vitamin sea?

Kitesurfing is simply the best way to instantly have that big smile on your face, the perfect way of getting a mindfulness class in nature. Experience feeling the wind on your face, seeing the waves break, cruising around that chop, watching turtles dive off right in front of you and if you are very lucky, watching the sunset from the water.

Kite Spot

Our kite spot offers both services for riders as well as kitesurfing school, with our IKO instructors.

Our academy offers lessons for all levels of kitesurfers. Contrary to what you might think, kitesurfing does not require body strength. It requires just a little fitness but it is easy to learn.
Your own IKO instructor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on all Kitesurfing equipment. Some kitesurfers have already taken lessons before and don’t need to do the whole 3 day course. For these people we offer a level by level lesson package which includes an IKO license. You can do any amount of lesson time per day, on a day by day basis until you feel confident to go out on your own by renting or buying your own gear.

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Camp open for all levels.

South Africa

Camp open for all levels.


Camp open for all levels.


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